Honey and Lava

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Coralspin's stunning debut album is finally here. Bursting with melody, rich harmonies, dazzling guitar playing and wonderful songs.


Ellie Blyth: Vocals, keyboards.Blake McQueen: Keyboards. Jake Simmons: Guitar. Bass on this album played by Steve Kightley, and drums by David English. Mastering: EQ and compression by Ray Staff at Air Studios, London. Level smoothing, limiting, final levels, etc. by Blake. Paintings by Christopher Townsend. . Label: Altrospire. Catalogue number: ALTROSPIRECD0001. Web: http://coralspin.com


Progressive Rock


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Honey and Lava
Honey and Lava
  • Sons of the Sleeping Giant
  • You're Wrong
  • Mistimed
  • Burn My Eyes
  • Sky's End
  • Songbird
  • Night Stalker
  • Aching
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